FAQ’s about NYS Workers Compensation

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What is a “Schedule Loss of Use” Workers’ Comp Award (SLU)?

What is a “Section 32 Settlement” at the New York Workers’ Compensation Board?

If I am out of work due to a work-related injury, can I be fired or can my employer take away my regular medical insurance?

What exactly is Workers’ Compensation?

How much does New York Workers’ Compensation pay?

When will my weekly workers’ compensation benefits begin if I am out of work?

Who will pay my medical bills for my job accident injury?

Should I talk to insurance company “nurse case managers”, claims examiners or investigators about my workers’ compensation claim?

Can a “nurse case manager” from the insurance company come with me to see my own treating workers’ comp doctor?

Must I sign medical releases requested by the workers’ comp insurance company?

What kinds of jobs are covered by Workers’ Compensation?

How long do I have to work for my employer to be covered by Workers’ Compensation?

How long do I have to file a Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Do I have to tell my boss about my job accident?

What kinds of injuries are covered by Workers’ Compensation?

What if I have a pre-existing injury?

What are Workers’ Compensation death benefits?

Are heart attacks and strokes covered by Workers’ Compensation?

Can I choose my own doctor for my workers’ comp claim?

What if I need medical care in the future after my workers’ comp claim is resolved?

Do I need a workers’ compensation lawyer?

How much does a workers’ compensation attorney charge?

Will I have to go to the Workers’ Compensation Board for a formal hearing?

We are here to answer these and any other questions.

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