Choosing an Attorney

Why should you hire the law firm of Tiernan & Krug for your workers’ compensation claim?
New York workers’ compensation claims are complicated legal proceedings. You will have to fight both the insurance company (and their lawyers) for both medical treatment and compensation. Let us fight the insurance company while you concentrate on your health!
Eventually, you will appear at a formal hearing before a Workers Compensation Law Judge to preserve your rights to medical care in the future. At this hearing, the insurance company will have their attorney present to contest your workers compensation claim. Our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers will be by your side at your formal hearing to fight for all the benefits you deserve. Our attorneys, with decades of individual experience in this specialty, are well prepared to protect all of your rights.
When we are not representing you at administrative hearings, we will be answering your questions and phone calls on a timely basis. Our law firm’s goal is to return all client phone calls within 24 hours. Unlike other law firms, our attorneys return their own phone calls. Our experienced paralegals spend most of each day solving client problems, such as obtaining authorizations for medical testing, treatment and prescriptions. They also keep in close contact with both the Workers’ Compensation Board and insurance companies to resolve problems without an argument so you can get your treatment and benefits faster.
Despite what insurance companies might tell you, you must personally file a claim on a C-3 form with the New York State Workers’ Compensation Board. The filing of an “accident report” with your employer is NOT good enough. The experienced lawyers at Tiernan & Krug can make sure you get everything you deserve. Call us today at (716) 856-6086 for a free consultation with one of our attorneys.